High quality gym facilities open 24/7 with outstanding Personal Trainers and varied classes before work,
after work and throughout the day – all in a custom designed and fully equipped facility on your doorstep!


Four separate rooms for different exercise types and preferences

High quality equipment designed and built for function and results

Shower and changing facilities so you can go straight form the gym to a day at work or a night out! 

Access to facilities 24/7



 the core centre with a mix of cardio machines – treadmills, concept rowers, exercise bikes, step machines and more.
oferring before work and after work classes as well as day time sessions in HIIT, Pilates, Pump and much more.
the resistance room for strength training and conditioning.
the centre piece of the Workout Hub. hosting a 1,500 sq ft functional training compound.
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Our Hub Sessions combine cardiovascular conditioning, functional strength training and exercises for balance and flexibility in an intense and encouraging atmosphere. Sessions are based in THE COMPOUND, using all of the functional training equipment and incorporating exercises for your whole body that are designed to achieve optimum results.


A fantastic mix of strength exercises and cardiovascular training that will give your heart, lungs and just about everything that moves a workout!

Sessions include your warm-up and cool-down, functional training, callisthenics, shuttles, plyometrics and stretching. Our enthusiastic PT’s encourage a team effort to really up the work-rate and achieve great results.



Our HIIT classes deliver a turbo boosted cardio fix! Sessions are structured with short bursts of very hard work, ramping up the intensity For a true HIIT experience.


Your coach will help you push yourself to the max during every set. Using body weight exercises, kettle bells and all our functional gym kit, you will tone your muscles and spike your heart rate to exceed your fitness goals.


Abs Blast is just that? An intense 30 minute abdominal workout designed to develop core muscles. Your coach takes you through a series of varying intensity exercises and motivates you to achieve your fitness goals. Workouts focus on all aspects of your core, improving posture, building strength and toning the abs and other core muscles.


Our Pilates classes are 45 minutes of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance exercises. Sessions promote long, strong muscles and a leaner appearance, toning muscle, balancing musculature and improving posture. Your Pilates qualified coach will encourage proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.


Your 60-minute class starts with a gentle warm up and stretches before the real work begins! You will then lunge, step and squat your way to firmer muscles, in a full body aerobic workout that aims to tone up those flabby areas of your thighs, bum and stomach. Equally effective for those wanting to lose weight or simply improve their level of fitness.


If your aim is to get lean then look no further than PUMP FX! Each participant uses a rubber sleeved barbell and your own choice of weight plates as you progressively build up your strength from week to week. Under the expert guidance of your gym coach you will practice correct form and technique for traditional resistance exercises like presses, rows, squats and lunges, which are taken to a different level, using functional and compound movements.


Circuits will be introduced to The Workout Hub programme when COVID-19 risk assessment controls allow.


Kettle Bell sessions will be introduced to The Workout Hub programme when COVID-19 risk assesment controls allow.



Monthly membership starts at £27.99 and the only commitment you need to make is to yourself and your fitness goals, with no fixed contracts and no notice period. Our gyms are designed for you and people like you, with an approach more flexible than a Master Yogi and philosophy based on a few simple principles;


  • A welcoming gym where everyone works positively to better themselves and encourage others

  • An open and inclusive environment where you connect with like-minded individuals

  • A supportive environment for everyone - whatever your age, gender or ability


Facilities and Services Tailored to You;


  • A space for everyone – meaning not just physical space, but the right space for you - 4 distinct rooms with different equipment for different exercise types, some for classes and some for working alone

  • Multi-Level flexible membership to suit your needs, with no notice periods  

  • A varied and balanced range of fitness classes to help you achieve your personal health goals


Train When and How You Want


  • Access to core gym facilities 24/7 so you can train when you want

  • Train alone, with two rooms permanently set aside for individual training

  • Train together in early morning, daytime and early evening classes, all led by Level-3 Gym Coaches 

Train with an expert, with access to 1-2-1 sessions with Level-3 Personal Trainers



Gym Coaches at The Workout Hub are all qualified to at least Level 3 in fitness instruction and personal training. They will push you towards your fitness goals and hold you accountable for your training regime.

They deliver our fantastic group classes and offer Personal Training programmes by seperate arrangement directly with you, the client.


My name is Liam Richardson and I'm the co-founder of The Workout Hub. I love to inspire people in and outside the gym, and empower people with the knowledge to make a change both mentally and physically.

I have been working in the industry for 7 years and I have built up an exceptional reputation in transforming clients. I can’t wait to help our fantastic PT’s deliver the same focused service to members at the Hub.

No matter where you are in your health and fitness journey, there will be something we can do to support you.




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Bakewell Road